Arriving back at the start

Ever since I was little, I had two main goals in life. The first was to make it to university to read English Literature, and the second was to become a writer. In 1999 I realised my first aim when I embarked on my English Lit degree at the University of Sussex.

Boasting the greenest campus in the UK, not to mention some pretty decent student digs, it was a hot bed of impassioned student activity, world-leading academics and a thriving literary scene. It’s now 15 years since I graduated from Sussex, and in that time I have managed to realise my second aim working as a freelance professional writer and editor.

It was with great joy, therefore, when my two loves came full circle this month and I had the opportunity to work as the copy editor on Falmer magazine, the University of Sussex’s annual publication for alumni.

Embodying all that sums up the ‘spirit of Sussex’, the magazine has undergone a fabulous design refresh, and issue 55 is set to be one of the best yet!

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