NEW: Launch Editor – Denison Yachts!

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From Monaco to New York, and Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam, my work and clients span the globe, and now I’m delighted to add South Florida to the growing portfolio. Dynamic and daring, the Denison Yachts brand is a stalwart of American yachting, rich in heritage and always keen to push the boat out (‘scuse the pun).

Keep a look out for an exciting development heading your way in 2020. More to be revealed in time…

It’s official…

I’m super happy that the ‘Rebels Issue’ of Official Bespoke carries two of my latest features – the first pictured above profiling Damen’s unique yacht support vessel Power Play, and the second interviewing the wonderfully enigmatic Emily Penn of eXXpedition.

If you have a rare five mins to indulge in a little light reading, I highly recommend this awesome publication. It prides itself on saying it how it is, good and bad, and leaving all superfluous gloss to the laminate on the front cover.

Going Dutch!

The second press release written for Dutch innovator VRIPACK marks the beginning of a wonderfully collaborative and enjoyable working relationship. And what better way to kickstart the proceedings than with an SUV of the seas – M/Y ROCK is the yachting industry’s first ever pocket rocket! Read the full story here.

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Letter from the Editor

It’s always a joy to see my work in print. I never tire of it. So, when an editor decides to top off an already magnificent five-page spread with a little shout out to me in their letter to the reader, it feels like the best way to kickstart the new year. Thank you, Canary Wharf – you can read the article in full in the January issue here.

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2019: What’s in store…

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Often, we define success by whatever we’ve accomplished. It gives us a sense of fulfilment to feel that we are above the average person whose quest out in the world pales in comparison. But to really know what success entails, we need to change how we perceive our place in this world and the life that we live.

What is the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary? The answer lies within us, and with the extent to which we allow the outside world to define who we are and what we are.

The only certainty that there is, is that there is no end to achieving and attaining success. The road is not a finite one, but a yellow brick road of wonders, questions, people, situations, circumstances, choices and everything in between.

This is the mantra that I will be living by in 2019.

Happy New Year!

Going out with a bang!

The end of 2018 is just days away, and what better way to celebrate what has been a fantastically productive year than with the launch of the December issue of Simply Abu Dhabi which carries a mega 11 features written by myself. It also marks the first issue with my new dedicated yachting section. May 2019 be equally as fun and fruitful with myriad new discoveries and achievements. Happy Christmas to you all, and to all a good night!

Winter is coming!

Cooler climes have arrived and winter is nearly here (in two days, to be precise). There’s nothing else for it. It’s time to jump aboard a yacht of your dreams and dive head first into life-affirming adventure. The 2018/19 issue of FRASER gives you a little taste of what to expect when you arrive…

Honk for Honkers!

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Hong Kong is a beautiful paradox; how can the land that never sleeps be the island of dreams? Oh, but it is, as I discovered last month.

Apart from requiring the stamina of a Himalayan Sherpa, experiencing Hong Kong in all its guises is a bucket list must. From relaxing in the world’s most frequented Four Seasons spa to slumming it on the Star Ferry, and from climbing myriad rooftop bars to imprint the picturesque skyline on your memory to dining night after night on exceptional gastronomy, there simply isn’t ever enough time to do everything that needs to be done in Hong Kong.

One adventure that surely cannot be missed, however, is a visit to the 250 outlying islands (perhaps not all in one go). It makes for a fantastic alternative to an island hopping superyacht charter trip – just take a look at my latest write up in Robb Report to get tips on how to do it right.