Put your brand at the heart of the story…


To be a great copywriter, you need to have a talent for sparkling prose, to always be curious, to get the reader to take action, to accurately work at speed, and to deliver to tight deadlines.

The essence of copywriting is putting your brand at the heart of the story.

If you think you’ve got it covered, then top marks.

If not, email me on juliazaltzman@gmail.com, and together, we can tell a story that won’t be forgotten.



Travelling the world, page by page…

Tasked with writing the copy for Simply Abu Dhabi’s ‘Travel Icons of the World II’ special edition recently, I set sail in my mind’s eye on a voyage of discovery across land and sea to discover some of the world’s most decadent hidden delights, celebrated gems, and coveted abodes on the globe…

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Legend in her own lifetime

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Talented, inspiring and famed for her curves, Zaha Hadid was a lady of firsts. Covering her last and final venture – the Miami- based One Thousand Museum – in the latest issue of Simply Abu Dhabi magazine, I had the privilege of paying tribute to one-of-a-kind.

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LEGO has it covered

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.16.47

I simply adore the LEGO front cover of Northrop & Johnson’s spring issue of Navigator. It’s taking all of my adult self-restraint to not break open my children’s LEGO box and start building.

Such a simple, yet clever way of creating an eye-catching cover that gets its readers’ artistic juices flowing before they’ve even turned a page. Navigator, I applaud you.

Lovin’ the look of my two features this issue carries, as well…

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.23.03

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.23.57

The presses are rolling…

The words have been written, the images collated, the proofs are approved and the presses are now rolling on volume 12, issue 1 2017 of SuperYacht Industry – the first issue with me as Editor. It’s always a proud moment.

Due to be delivered on 4 April, it’s the first of four editions out this year, so if you have any industry related news – yacht launches, milestone anniversaries, ground-breaking releases – be sure to drop me a line, and get it covered with SuperYacht Industry.

Heesen’s 50m Project Maia set to purrr

I was lucky enough to fly to Oss in Holland this month to see the unveiling of Heesen Yacht’s spectacular 50m Project Maia. With a stylish exterior by Clifford Denn, including “Fisker whiskers” of the aft fashion plates, a sumptuous, calming interior by Reymond Langton, and an enviable, spacious beach club to take in the sea breeze, Maia promises to be a super elegant superyacht for her future owner, and charter guests alike.

I also had the fair fortune while there of venturing round the rest of the shipyard, and found myself stood beneath the twin propellers of another of Heesen’s latest 50m builds. Believe me, standing underneath a giant of the seas is a very humbling experience!


Arriving back at the start

Ever since I was little, I had two main goals in life. The first was to make it to university to read English Literature, and the second was to become a writer. In 1999 I realised my first aim when I embarked on my English Lit degree at the University of Sussex.

Boasting the greenest campus in the UK, not to mention some pretty decent student digs, it was a hot bed of impassioned student activity, world-leading academics and a thriving literary scene. It’s now 15 years since I graduated from Sussex, and in that time I have managed to realise my second aim working as a freelance professional writer and editor.

It was with great joy, therefore, when my two loves came full circle this month and I had the opportunity to work as the copy editor on Falmer magazine, the University of Sussex’s annual publication for alumni.

Embodying all that sums up the ‘spirit of Sussex’, the magazine has undergone a fabulous design refresh, and issue 55 is set to be one of the best yet!

NEW! Editor of SuperYacht Industry

The best way to start off a new year is with a new role, preferably as the newly appointed freelance Editor of SuperYacht Industry!

Published by Yellow & Finch, it is a distinguished quarterly trade magazine read by the world’s leading superyacht charterers and brokers, as well as select owners. Editorial coverage includes technical innovations, designs and products that propel this high-end market.

I am over the moon to be joining such a fabulous team at the Netherlands-based publishing house from the sunny shores of Hove!

Queen of the desert


Hailed as one of the most hospitable and friendly nations in the Gulf, Oman boasts 1,700km of pristine coastline, vast tracts of desert, mountainous ranges, prehistoric wildlife, rolling sand dunes and Arabian culture, not to mention the odd cricket pitch or two.

Adding to this incredible roster is the latest in luxury developments, Barr Al Jissah. Located just 20 minutes from the cosmopolitan capital city of Muscat, its history dates back as far as 2,000BC when it was accessible only by boat and thus created a rich heritage as a maritime trading post. Today it has transformed itself into the French Riviera of the Middle East.

Nestled in the secluded coves and peaceful waters that serve as a natural sanctuary for endangered hawksbill and green turtles lies a stunning new development offering waterfront living, a members-only beach club and an exclusive deep water marina. With its world-class facilities already attracting the attention of elegant yachts and ethereal catamarans, who better to have designed the interiors of Barr Al Jissah’s striking Limited Edition Townhomes than London-based, award-winning superyacht design studio, Bannenberg & Rowell.

Read this feature in full in the next issue of Simply Abu Dhabi magazine.

Keep calm and slow down


Once a year, around the month of November, great minds from the natural beauty sector assemble at Diversified HQ in Brighton to attend the Natural Beauty News round-table. It’s a humbling experience to be part of, to witness the merging of expert opinions, to hear the knowledgeable speak from their perspectives, and to ascertain what new terrain our much-loved industry is embarking on.

What I found most revealing this time around as Chair of the round-table, however, wasn’t the table’s desire for boundary-breaking innovation or their impassioned views on regulation, but instead a more self-effacing and introspective look at where to go from here.

There is no denying that the industry is indeed moving forward. The Soil Association continues to record around 20 per cent growth each year, with its number of applicants increasing on average by 51 per cent annually. But of course, these statistics are only reflective of certified organic growth. As good an indicator as they are, what if organic isn’t the future of natural beauty at all? What if the focus is on sustainability, instead?

The natural beauty industry has been marching to the beat of the certification drum for so long now that perhaps we’ve forgotten to tune in to the rest of the orchestra alongside it? Taking responsibility for our own health and beauty, and striving for an environmental, financial and ethically sustainable future, were the key points that seemed to truly resonate with all of the round-table panellists.

It’s good to keep innovating, and definitely necessary to keep looking outside of our own sector for new, pioneering ideas, but not to the detriment of our existing creations. Particularly when retailers are telling us that 80 per cent of their yearly sales are made up of ‘hero’ products.

Instead of following the mainstream beauty timeline, where new launches are old news within three to six months, we should be slowing down, taking our time, and investing our energy and marketing skills in educating consumers. If the future of the industry is founded on sustainability, then ‘Slow Beauty’ seems to be the obvious next step.

New product development is what the consumer thinks they want, but it’s our job, as a sector, to show them what they really need. And that is ecological, justifiable, effective, viable beauty. If you get it right the first time, then there’s surely no need to keep reinventing the wheel.

New ingredients, evolving applications, and innovative preservatives are always going to be at the forefront of an industry that is ultimately driven by a desire to look good. And there is no denying that it’s the exciting, fresh beauty inventions that entice customers through the shop door. But it’s not always necessary to be out with the old, and in with the new. Or more to the point, out with the local, and in with the organic.