Winter is coming!

Cooler climes have arrived and winter is nearly here (in two days, to be precise). There’s nothing else for it. It’s time to jump aboard a yacht of your dreams and dive head first into life-affirming adventure. The 2018/19 issue of FRASER gives you a little taste of what to expect when you arrive…


Charter exclusives: read all about it!

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It’s been a bountiful few weeks when it comes to my charter reporting for Robb Report.
From the latest and greatest served up by the world’s biggest brokerage houses to new start-up Ahoy Cub – a digital platform that makes chartering yachts more accessible. From old school to new age, there’s something for everyone, all neatly presented online.


The mind’s eye

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Have you ever seen something so incredible, you can’t quite believe your eyes? Where reality and fantasy become one, differentiated by a few infinitesimal details that may or may not be there? If the answer is yes, then you will already recognise the above, and if not, then feast your eyes on hyperrealist art, and let the disbelief begin.

To read my article in full, visit Navigator magazine online.

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