A fond farewell


The world lost a shining beacon of talent and inspiration last week when pre-eminent yacht designer Ed Dubois passed away. He was not only hugely talented and passionate when it came to yacht design, but he was a fun-loving, vivacious character with a skill for story-telling, which he always did with an enormous smile stretched across his face and a level of eloquence I so hugely admired.

I had the enormous pleasure of working with Ed on one of his latest projects – a book about his life growing up and the success he experienced in his professional career. Although not as yet published, I wanted to share a small excerpt from the manuscript as a celebratory tribute to Ed, the man, the sailor, the designer, the traveller, the writer.

For Ed – you will be missed.

“My first experience on a full-sized yacht was when I was ten, when there were still four single-sailed eleven foot boats for hire on The Regent’s Park Lake in London. On pleasant summer days these boats were kept moored up against a pontoon, their sails set and ready for hire.

On a summer trip with just my mother we came across these boats and I asked if it was possible to have a go. The next thing I knew I was being propelled by wind on a sail for the first time in my life across a limited (but to me utterly unlimited) expanse of that lake.  It is no exaggeration to say that I felt the sensation to be heavenly. 

We went again and again and finally my ‘instructor’ said I would be allowed to take the boat on my own. I proudly took my mother, and told her about tacking and jibing.   

And then, some three years later, came the gateway to my career; my mother’s discovery of a boys’ sailing camp in Milford Haven, Wales.”

NEW! Editor and PM on Dubois Yachts book project

I am delighted to announce that I have been appointed as Editor on an exciting new book project working with the incredibly talented and exuberant superyacht designer, Ed Dubois of Dubois Naval Architects.

Taking inspiration from the classically beautiful sailing yachts that Ed has made his name designing over the past 40 years, the book is set to be a hugely exciting and adventurous project to work on, and I feel greatly privileged to be invited on board.

For the meantime, however, it’s yet another case of ‘watch this space’!