Portraits in Motion

flipbook_Old_Man_with_Baseballcap_1 flipbook_Old_Man_with_Baseballcap_2 flipbook_Old_Man_with_Baseballcap_3 flipbook_Old_Man_with_Baseballcap_4

I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible Volker Gerling last week for a feature to be published in the next issue of Viva Brighton, and my oh my what an interesting soul he is. Just walking the land, with nothing but his hawker’s tray, camera and flipbooks for company, identifying all the innocent and special moments in life.

Flipbook cinema – such a simple concept, but it opens up an unimaginable world of humour, pain, surprise and intrigue in just 12 short seconds. Incredible.

I highly recommend hot-stepping it down to his show this May presenting at the Brighton Festival. It is, as its name suggests, beautiful portraits in motion.